Microsoft to release XBOX ONE without Kinect


Well this is awkward, looks like all the huffing and puffing Microsoft did pushing their Kinect has gone down the drain. It looks like the consumer has won, but don’t count your chickens before they hatch, apparently, this kinect-less system will retail at a possible $399.00 which coincidentally is the same price as their chief rival, The Playstation 4. Microsoft has a lot of questions to answer aside from this shift in business perspective, you have many consumers condemning the XBOX ONE on being slightly more powerful than the XBOX 360. This cannot possibly be the ‘Gold Standard’ by which consumers are willing to dish out $399-$499 for a system that cannot hold its own against the more powerful PS4. Games that don’t run on 1080p resolution on XBOX ONE shouldn’t even be a doubt, all games should run at this resolution.


In honor of the XBOX ONE’s multitudes of failure, i’m going to repost all the best GIF’s from the SONY vs. Microsoft conference! Enjoy!


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